Electrical Home Inspection Services

Electrical home inspections are crucial in keeping your home and your family safe. Over the years we have seen many electrical problems and damages associated with them and almost all of them could have been avoided by consistent, periodic inspections of your home. Many of these exercises can be performed yourself but keep in mind they are are always best done by a qualified electrician.

Outside Inspection

  • Examine the electrical service. Look for frayed or damaged wires. Frayed insulation could mean water damage in the main panel inside your home. If you see rust on the pipe or meter pan don't be too concerned. Rust is just a symptom of weathering not necessarily a breach.
  • Examine all outside outlets. Make sure they are GFI protected

Inside Inspection

  • Check all outlets to be sure they are three-pronged, grounded receptacles
  • Check to be sure all kitchen and bathroom outlets are GFI protected
  • Look for any burn marks on switch plates and receptacles
  • Look for visible wires in attic and basement and be sure they are not damaged in any way
  • Uncover junction boxes to inspect wire conditions
  • Inspection of the water main to ensure the service ground in in tact
  • Demonstrate all switches and receptacles work
  • Inspect smoke and Co2 detectors are operational
  • Turn on all available lights in the home and start the air conditioner or other large appliance. Do the lights dim? It may be evidence of a loose connection.
  • Check the size of the main breaker. Most modern homes require a 200 Amp service
  • Check receptacle polarity with a circuit tester. With the tester, check the tightness of the plug - it should be snug
  • Check the light bulbs in all fixtures to be sure they do not exceed the recommended wattage

We professionally perform these exercises and more with a full explanation of our findings. Call today and be sure you and your family are as safe as possible with regard to electricity.