Beautiful Landscape Lighting in Rochester NY

Your enjoyment and pride in your Rochester home increases exponentially when you've got a beautifully Rochester landscaped lawn. Whether you've crafted your home's landscaping with your own hands or hired a landscaper to design your private paradise, you no doubt, smile when you witness the sunlight peeking from the trees or the palette of colors your flowers provide to the face of your home.
Then the sun sets...

Rochester NY homeowners are going to another level with landscaping; outdoor lighting. Landscape lights enhance both the appearance of your property and landscaping, as well because the enjoyment you and your guests experience when you entertain outdoors.
Low voltage landscape lighting in Rochester NY offers you a powerful way to showcase the beauty of your home and garden. To showcase your home in perfect way, you should know where to place the lighting fixtures and how to place them correctly. You should also know which areas in your landscaped area you should highlight; accentuate shrubs, flowers, fountains and benches. We have countless ideas, regardless the challenges your yard offers, designed to combine the functional with all the aesthetic. Good landscape lighting ideas will make your property look absolutely stunning and gorgeous during the night.
At Larry Masci Electric (LME), we install all types of landscape lighting in Rochester NY so give us a call and schedule an appointment to review your plans with us.